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I have two questions -

How do I look for authors to partner with, for converting my designs and html into wordpress/shopify/others

How do you ensure that they will be trustworthy after the permission is given.

I mean, is there any that envato market ensures the right of our products, after somebody has converted it and it got approved?

Thank you.

1.) for example using this forum

2.) that’s something you will have to figure out yourself, but partnering with someone who already has a good reputation on Envato is a good start.

The only thing involving Envato is to create a ticket with Envato Support telling them you granting a permission for conversion of your item to author X. Then, when author X submits his work, he will add the ticket number to the message for reviewer field. Other than that, it is up to you how you handle the partnership.

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Thank you.

In case of 2) if at any point, things happen in a way that, the author is not giving proper share as promised, is there no security at all?

Envato market authority can’t help cause its authors matter but one thing author can do item original author can cancel partnership and stop that item selling on market.


That is satisfying up to some extent. Thank you for your information