Theme partially installed before dispute- now left with one page!!

I had a wordpress blog site up and running and purchase a new theme and the service to have it installed. The developer took over 10 days and beyond taking a long time didn’t respond to my very basic questions, so I disputed and Envato refunded me. However when I went to my website I see that he basically only partially installed the new theme and left me without any of the pages/content that existed previously. Can this be reverted to what I had before? Is there anyone out there that will help put this theme into action with the original content (which I have saved)?

I’m willing to hire and I’m desperate to get this resolved asap.


Check out for vetted freelancers.

It’s probably going to be easier to revert back to where you were previously but it depends on the themes in question and how your content was setup.

Good luck.

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for your reply–the theme partially installed was Soffia. Content was set up as basic WP blog with additional pages-nothing fancy. Do you have anyone you’d recommend --the original guy was a vetted freelancer but that didn’t seem to matter…

All the people I would recommend probably don’t have time at the moment.

The author says they are available for freelance work so I would suggest starting with them (obviously they know the theme best).

Most envato studio providers are pretty good - id avoid anyone not on there because while it doesn’t sound like a horrifically difficult job to fix - at least via envato studio there is some protection should something not work out.

If the content is still there (just not showing up correctly) then it should be salvageable.