theme orion2 css

how can i change the mobile css in the theme orion2? my website is and on a iphone landscape the menu is not working. i would like to have it like in the portrait version. how can i do this?

your site using responsive menu for media query max-width: 767px. So you have to make the css for max-width: 991px. you can do it by copy the menu css form max-width: 767px (layout.css line 149) and paste for max-width: 991px. Also you can check your theme option to see is there any option setting to set responsive menu screen px.

thanks a lot for your answer. which layout.css do you mean? the one i found is in the folder: wp-content/themes/orion2/css. your suggested changes don’t work there.

please keep a backup before doing anything chnage. yes you are right I meant that file. you can do another thing in 149 line chnage 767px to 991px and see the result. If you have still problem with the theme menu then The best way to get the support is Contact your purchased Theme Author. Contact Author because Item Author are best expert about their Item functionality. Don’t worry just contact Author. Author will be very happy to assist you.

in line 149 it’s not written something like this or do i have to add it? where can i find the name of the theme author?

go to your Downloads page there you will see a list of all your purchased item(s). from there click on the concern theme which will take you to the details page. There you will find the Author. there also you will get a tab Support to get support from the theme Author click that tab and contact Author.

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i’ll try it. but i reember that the support is not so good. have you an answer to that in line 149?

I think you are not familiar with coding. So, I strongly recommend go with Author Support. You are a purchaser so Author will be very happy to assist you. Thanks

i try. otherwise i’ll come back here. thanks a lot for your imidiate answers.