Theme Options missing after Theme Update

Hello friends,

i got issues with the Theme Petta.

After i updated the Theme from 1.6.5 to 3.6.2 i cant find the Theme Options anymore. The Tab just diesappeared and therefore i cant access the Theme Options anymore.

This is my actual situation:
Wordpress 6.4.2
Petta Theme 3.6.2
PHP 8.0

I tried already many of the workarounds i found online. But nothing seems to help.

What ca i do?

Thanks a lot in advance

A long gap between your old version and latest version. You should contact the theme author for details and their support.

How to contact an author to get support for any Item issue or any technical query:


Yes. its been a while xD

Thanks for the input. i will try to contact the author of the theme

Thank you

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I’m not even sure that author would be able to help on this as @mgscoder suggested, there’re too many updates between the versions.

Best case would be to install a clean WordPress installation and transfer your data. Probably this would be the best option.

Thanks to all!

I think you are right! no that i installed an clean version of wordpress it works. Its a bit of an hassle to migriate everything but at least ist clean. no i also got the chance to create a child template which was missing in the previous installation which gives me finally a better way of updating the theme :slight_smile:
Thanks to everyone for your outstanding support

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