Theme not working

I bought the Tech Edu theme and it is not working at all. 3 hours in and the colors will not save?! 3 hours in and the header will not save my logo. I hit save and it defaults back to the Tech Edu theme logo. I am beyond frustrated. I have google everything I can as I have never encountered this issue. Normally themes are not this bad especially with the basic basic stuff.


Is this your purchase theme ? then get in touch with that item author @power-boosts

they will help you out from your issue ask your question at here as a comments


Not helpful. I have already contacted them and I want to work on this today. Not wait 3 business days to be able to work on something. I was hoping someone else who had this theme and ran across this issue could help.

I think they will give you instant support or not its you luck i see.
cause when they check or see your mail then they will reply to you.

the theme was updated recently - are you definitely using the latest version of the theme, WordPress etc.?

Yes I just downloaded it about 4 hours ago now. I updated all the plugins etc.

sorry to know you have issues with your purchased theme. Please check the theme documentation hopefully you will get necessary support there. Otherwise you have to go with theme Author support to fix the issues. Thanks

The documentation folder only has screen shots with random arrows pointing at things. No actual manual to troubleshooting guide. I have contacted the author already and was hoping for someone that has this theme to be able to help since the author has not responded yet.