Theme not working as it should...

I have purchased the booklovers theme and I am having the most difficult time getting the theme to work correctly. First, if I would’ve known that I would still have to pay to use the full potential of the plugins that came with the theme, I would’ve gone with a different theme. There seems to be a different problem every day and now the images are not showing up once you select one of the thumbnails. It works fine when selecting an image from the “Discover Your Next Book”, but the images won’t show when clicking on the thumbnail from all other areas on the site. I have tried deactivating each plugin to see if my images would show back up, but that doesn’t help. One thing I did notice is that if you move the cursor over the missing image, you can see parts of the image as though the page is missing a placeholder or frame where the image should be. Please help me resolve this issue before I make the decision to stay with the theme and purchase more plugins and extensions needed to completely finish setting up the site, or I will have no choice but to find another theme that will actually give me exactly what I’ve paid for.


you can get help from your purchase item author @AncoraThemes right here as a commets


Hi UIDMediaGroup!
AncoraThemes team is here. Please send us a quick support ticket here: with your website details. Our Customer Care team will be happy to assist you.
Regarding the bundled plugins… They are all fully functional and do not require a license key for an update. You can see ths in the theme docs:
Also here you can learn more about Envato Bundled Plugins policy:
Looking forward to here back from you on our support portal :wink:

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