Theme Not Selling :)



This is my theme - This is a LayersWP child theme and got approved 10 days ago, not a single sale yet :frowning: :frowning:

There is only 1 competitor and it is selling around 10/month, so probably demand is very low. However could you pls check the site and see if there is anything I can do to improve sales?



Hi Charles.
Yeah i also think that the problem is about demand.
About your theme, i have checked it, liked, nice and clean.
The only suggestion i can give: doing your theme mobile-first. Yeah, it is responsive, but it is designed for desktop-first. Such restaurant-booking systems should be mobile-first, and should have app-like UI. Without big spaces, less texts, more touchable links etc… I think you got what i meant.


Share your item page?


Market is extremely unpredictable and chaotic. A while back statistics were much more even. There was a rare massive difference between one day and another. Nowadays it can vary 50% from one day to another. Why? Well who knows, would would have to have detailed global themeforest statistics to analyse and try to figure out what went wrong in the meanwhile.

For example if a new item started to sell 8+ items per day you knew that it would continue this way for some time with a small up or down. Today its just ups and downs. The issue here is that business leans a lot of times on analysis of the past and current sales to predict future. Now days you cannot rely on that and again do not have a clue.

For example yesterday we had a great day, today 80% down will see closer to the end of tf time day. My head is just spinning from the confusion.

The only possible way today is to try to find what would make your item better than competition (but sometimes that does not work also) just keep on producing quality items and add them to your portfolio and cross your fingers.

To be honest that’s the best advice i can give you… overall new items and items that are not in most popular list have very poor sales. Popular list, all the way up to top 10, use to change quite often. Today i guess there is so much choice that its much simpler to buy items that you see have tons of sales.

Was watching a documentary called brain games and they made the test. The results showed that majority of people tend to go were the masses go even if they do know that the mass is wrong. The same thing is here once you see an item that sells 500 sales per week you think to your self this must be great. So if the competition is selling a certain amount, you have to have item which offers what they do not to change peoples minds. Which is good for that item and envato promotion but not good for market offering a fair competition.

Envato its not a no investment, hobby start earn big market anymore. To succeed it is good to have some seed money so you can devote yourself 100%. Those day are far gone its much now about stats, self marketing, advertising, analysis, research, competition, client managing, refunds, support, accounting, then being only creative.

Hope i did not come out to pessimistic it was not my intent. Just now days authors tend to go with great expectation and no preparation on this market. Again those days are gone.



Honestly yours is as good as some of the other themes out there but as pointed out by Anps above you have to devote time to market your product. The days of relying solely on themeforest to sell your theme are long gone, there is so much competition out there that in order to stand out you have to have an outstanding theme or be able to market really well, get your brand known, it’s as important as your actual theme (as long as that theme is at least good) look at avada, those guys could come out with a new mediocre theme but it would sell by the bucket loads because of the name attached to the theme, I have seen some mediocre themes from some popular authors and they still sell well because they know how to market.


Yes, the sales are really unpredictable and not consistent. And that too after spending a lot of money and time on design, development and soft rejections :frowning:


Yes, 100% true. But marketing is difficult when you have to develop new themes and provide support for the old ones especially when you only have a team of 4 people. Anyway I am approaching some popular blogs for promotion. I will update on how it goes.



Only team of 4? That’s a very nice theme and can accomplish wonders. We are team of 4 and all of my 3 team mates are employed for which i pay everything that i am obligated (taxes, social insurance etc.) And for now all we need is a designer to replace me so i can focus on marketing and project management etc.

So yes, team of 4 is quite cool.


got 4 sale already? Congrat! :smile: could you please tell me how do you do?


hi webnesters .
Its a awesome and will be sell so much dont worry bro :wink:


How long does it take you to develop a wordpress theme? We take around 3 months :frowning: :frowning:


hi webnesters

i have a question you take around 3 months to develop only or include review time?

Thank you


excluding review time :slight_smile: this last one took around 1 month for review changes.


Very nice looking item! My recommendation is to keep making items. Your profile is still relatively new with few items. Releasing new products provides the most exposure to your profile and really helps with sales. You could also consider promoting your item via Google Adwords, Dribbble, Behance…etc or submitting it to WP-related sites for exposure (like our directory).


Our first plugin is for LayersWP, which we think is a must have LayersWP plugin.

And we believe it’s great for LayersWP child theme authors :yum:


So far sold 13, better than the competitor :slight_smile: