THEME MARTFUNY - complaint

Hello? How are you?
my name is Wahyu,
I just bought the MARTFUNY theme.

  1. I am not satisfied with what I got.
  2. picture attached.
  3. I beg for help.
  4. picture attached

thank you

Have you read the documentation for that theme? It covers almost everything:


that’s not the problem. please see the direct observation section. the part that I marked, only that menu is available. I can’t change the color or logo. Please help. if there is no way out I want to refund.

the menu is very limited. like the demo theme, even the demo theme is better. no site identity settings, no color settings, no header settings, no background settings, no theme settings

Even the few times I failed to install the theme MARTFUNY,

di gambar tersebut menuliskan :

  • The package cannot be installed. This theme doesn’t have style.css stylesheet.*
  1. Are you sure that you bought the WP version and not the HMTL or Shopify one? If so then check this link

Assuming you have got the theme installed then as @baileyherbert mentioned you should check the documentation as I am certain that this will cover very important steps such as:

  1. Installing demo content so it looks like the demo
  2. Where the various theme customisation options are (most likely under appearance of a specific tab in the WP admin)

well I have followed it carefully. there are parts of the icon that do not appear on the desktop or smartphone. please help with that.

The author of the theme will be able to help you with that. Here is their support information:


OK, thank you for the information.
I have a problem displaying the vendor’s name on the product. the attached picture will explain it.