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I am using the7 theme for many websites and have purchased many licenses. I build websites using WP Engine’s hosting platform. WP Engine (like others) offers a staging environment for website editing, building, and other general testing to be performed without breaking the live version. However, I am now getting an error message stating that my theme license is being remotely deauthorized because Themeforest believes that I am trying to use one license for more than one website (or install). I am one to use the staging environment frequently and I do not need the hassle of constantly having to manually deauthorize the staging environment license and re-authorizing the live environment license. How can I avoid this?


You can get help from your purchase item author @Dream-Theme from here as a comments

Both are helpful link for understanding about themeforest license
Themeforest Standard license

And Extended License


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I am in the same boat with using Liquid Web’s managed WordPress platform. We have had to deregister the live site license, apply it to staging, run the updates, test and then deregister it from staging and reregister the live site and then run the updates that we tested. It’s a pain.

HOWEVER, today I’m getting a new message stating that the license is being used on 3 or 4 other sites. I think the issue is the way LiquidWeb rolls out staging sites. They use the format of site So every staging site has the same primary domain name which I think is messing up the license checking routine.

This becoming a total pain in the butt as I’m now trying to update a live site that needs the update and it won’t let me.

Are WP Engine’s staging sites configured differently?