Theme licence not working.

I used licence in my domain and facing some issue.So I delete the site and reinstall the theme. Then the purchase code is not working. The theme is not live now. What can I do? I am a seller. I worked in my domain. Can I use the theme in my clients website?

You can use it on a clients website if it’s not installed or registered elsewhere - 1 website per license

You have no buyer badge on this account so you will also need to login using the account which purchased the theme to get the correct copy and license info

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Now I want to use the purchase code in my clients domain. How can I do it?

You need to use the account which lug hard it to get that info - without that there will be nothing you can do.

If it’s registered on a deleted website then you will either need to buy a new copy, or try and ask the author to free the license and de-register it but they will not be able to help you until you are using the purchasing account

If I get login purchase account and tell the author, then they solve the issue? Are you sure? The can deregister the theme and give me a chance to activated the theme?

They are not obliged to but technically they should be able to release the license. It will depend on having all evidence of purchase, when it was bought etc

Short of logging in with the right account and reaching out to them, there is nothing else that can be done short of buying a new license.

FYI having the client purchase a new license on their name would be the best option as it prevents any issue with updates and support if you part company

Thanks a lot bro. Then solved it. :slight_smile: