Theme layout not working properly

I have been using Newspaper theme for a long time. Just a few days ago I updated the theme, due to which the layout got messed up. If I login to the WordPress panel and view the website, it displays fine. When I open it directly, its mobile version also opens on the desktop. please help me I am giving you some screen shots and website name below.

My Website :

This is the mobile version of the website, which is also opening on desktop.

Whereas the desktop version of my website is like this. How do I fix this?


Such issues are usually caused by the caching configuration. I see you are using litespeed caching, so I suggest activating this setting Screenshot by Lightshot Then clear the cache and check again. If the problem remains or if you have questions, please use the support forum we provide or send us an email Newspaper theme support: How to Get Help with Your WordPress theme

Regards, Simion C.

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I have turned on this setting of Cache plugin, due to which this problem has been fixed. Thank you very much for helping.