Theme is redirecting to another site

Not sure where to post this. I took over a site for a company - every time I log in to the admin section and it anything (new post - updates etc) it redirects to random sites. The host ran tests on the backend and confirmed it’s a theme issue. Seems to be Amaze? theme.
No clue where to turn or how to fix this!

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This is the exact symptom of a a WordPress website infected with a malware or with a virus, I’ve seen many infected websites behaving like this…

Personally, I don’t think it’s the theme that’s causing this, because the themes are checked manually by experienced Envato reviewers.

There are a couple of websites offering free WordPress security scanning (you can find them with a simple Google search). I strongly recommend using them, this way you’ll know if it’s an infection or not…

Also, maybe this can help you too: on Envato Studio, you can find experienced developers who can help you with the diagnostics and the virus removal (if that’s the case) in this section:

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Unfortunately, if it was not you that purchased the theme and if it is outside of 6 months support then there is a limited amount that anyone in the forums will be able to do.

As @hevada said that sounds like malware. Who is hosting it? Is it cheap shared hosting or premium dedicated hosting? Is there security plugins or scripts on the theme? Firewalls?

Several WP security plugins may be able to (superficially) scan for problems but they won’t fix it for you - unfortunately that is going to require you to identify and remove any problems, or worst case wipe the site and run afresh installation and update

Bluehost - here is there reply:
have reviewed your case regarding issue experiencing in dashboard of
*** website, redirecting to random URL. I completely understand how important the functioning of your website is for your business. We sincerely apologize for the inconveniences presented in this matter. I know how important it is for you to manage your website effectively, and want to assist you in whatever way I can. After reviewing your account , accessed dashboard of the website clicked one of the menu in dashboard, able to replicate the issue. Further checked first with malware , scanned the account but it came clean. Next checked with plugin still same , upon checking further reset theme to default one now it worked. It looks like theme is making your dashboard option to redirect to random URL. When theme activated again same issue , so I suggest to check with theme or contact theme vendor.

Presumably the site is using the most up to date version of the theme, of WordPress and PHP?

No but I can’t update anything as it is now

Free malware came up with 0!???

That will 100% be the first thing anyone (author, freelancer, or otherwise) recommends.

Honestly - if you are not going to be able to do that then your best option is to wipe the slate clean and start over with either a new theme or the latest version of this one.

Trying to fix something which is fundamentally out of date without rectifying that basic point will just be a waste of your time and resource.

Even without malware - out of date plugins and themes etc. could cause problems or allow the site to be infected/hi-jacked etc.

I would think I could remove plugins form cpanel one at a time to see what up?

Why Cpanel? You can turn them off in WP admin but again if you are not willing or able to update the theme and WP to the latest version then you are just inviting problems and delaying the inevitable, that could make life much more complicated for you if they return after you fix it temporarily

I can’t do anything in admin - no matter what i click on I end up being redirected away from the site. i can’t update plugins - themes - can’t even make a new post etc.

Do you know when the issue started? Is Blue host or the site owner taking backups? Could you just install a back-up before when the problem started and update everything?

The issue is there’s no guarantee that the problem is in a plugin - personally, I would take the opportunity to update the website and start with an up to date solution.

Unfortunately, the only way to get more help is to hire someone (again you can try if you have a sensible budget) but it’s not going to be cheap.

The site owner never touches it - couldn’t even find his login. I’d say it started within a year. I’ll check on the backups but don’t have much hope.

This is not as an advertisement, since I’m not getting anything from this other than trying to help someone else, a few years back, a friend of mine got in a lot of trouble with his page and asked for help from sucuri ( google it so I don’t post the link )

They are a paid service, but they do wonders! Maybe it will help you out. Give them a ping, they’re lovely individuals!

Cheers and good luck!

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