Theme is not 2.0


I apologize if this is not the place but I could not find the contact for Envato Market or Themeforest.
I’m already in contact with the Author of the Theme by e-mail, he is fixing several bugs that exist in the Theme.
And my intention is not to open a dispute and return the theme.

I bought a 2.0 Theme

Before I bought it I talked to the Author if there would be HTML and Text sections, these do not exist, only parts that accept HTML. This sometimes complicates the work.
Now he tells me that he can add parts if I pay a fee of $50 to him. I happen to be in Brazil and this is 5x the amount, so it is too expensive for me.

Another problem has arisen:
I need to create 4 new templates for Collection pages and I saw that there is no “Create Template” button.

I asked the author by e-mail and he told me that his theme has not been updated to 2.0!

This is false advertising.

I bought something that is not fit.

We researched several Themes before buying, we are already configuring the Theme and now we find out that it is not 2.0.

I wish Themeforest would scan the Themes as this is not the first time this has happened.

We already used Theme that was not 2.0.

I’m sorry if this is not the place to send this problem, but I don’t want a money back, I need the Theme to be 2.0 to finish the site and deliver it to the client before the end of the month!


Unfortunately envato don’t handle theme specific questions unless in relation to things like refunds.

Out of interest - how did you tell this was a 2.0 theme? I can’t see it advertising that on the item?

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good morning, I will send the print!

In addition I am an Envato Elements subscriber, there are several non 2.0 Themes there as well.

So I bought a Theme that is in the 2.0 Category of your site!

This is causing me trouble! The client’s site needs the creation of these 4 templates and now I don’t know what to do!

in this link here the theme
Shopify 2.0 Website Templates from ThemeForest (Page 9)

You can reach envato using support but they don’t own the items so are unlikely unfortunately to be able to force an upgrade from the author. Envato Market Help and Support

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This holds true for Envato’s ranking with Themes 2.0.

From the moment it is written there that it is a Software 2.0 I believe and buy it.

And only after the purchase I find out that it is not compatible!

Now I have an unsatisfied client because this part will not be met and I will have to spend money with a developer to solve the problem.

Evaluate better the themes and categories to avoid future problems.

In this case if the author don’t publish a new update with compatible with Shopify 2.0 you can ask for refund.


I don’t want to ask for a refund
It’s a good theme, lacking details, but it’s a good theme.

I wish he would do the update and post it on the site!

If it is there in the Shopify 2.0 Category and it is not, that is wrong!

agree! you will need to contact the author and also have to give them time to make the theme compatible withy Shopify 2.0. I believe the Author will take this recommend as a first priority and will publish an update soon.