theme is empty

Hi all I bought a them and upload it into my domain but its completely empty is this what 70 dollar them should look like

Have you read the documentation? Installed demo content? Set up the navigation etc?

No WP theme is instantly like the demo until it has been setup correctly

please advise how to do this I might have done something wrong


Please check this helpful Theme Installation guide article:

Hope will help.


That doesn’t help me. I keep getting a partial load for the prebuilt websites that are included.

I tried to remove it completely, I tried different prebuilt websites. It only gets partial and it looks like just the header and footers are loading nothing else. I have spent two days on this POS software. I watched the videos, I read the documentation, I went through this article. I cannot get into themepress to open a ticket because I cannot even change my password. Maybe this company was great but it is easier to deal with Google (who is impossible to deal with) than Envato and Themepress.

If you have a hint I would love to hear it because there is nothing in any of the documentation I can find. I am very disappointed with this company. I do much better with free themes!

Have you tried to contact the author via item’s comments section?

Not exactly sure what Themepress is supposed to be. There is no author or item with such name.

BTW it is usually better to create a separate thread instead of replying to 11 months old one which has nothing to do with your own case.