Theme is broken?

I downloaded a theme that does not work as shown on the demo site, is there anyone who could help me to check if this is the case?
this is the theme

Thank You

The problem is that the book-a-table page return a critical error (viewing and trying to edit)
Demo content and setup process successfully completed.

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Get in touch with envato elements customer center they would like to assist you.


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Hey @unlockdesign i’ll do it two days ago…but no response here…

I am having a similar problem. I built this site in September 2021 and it’s been working fine until the new elementor update. It showed a warning about it conflicting with NicDarks Elements for Elementor but I didn’t notice the warning before clicking update on Elementor. Since then, my site cannot use Elementor and the Headers and Footers and heading fonts are all messed up. NicDark has not replied to my support ticket as he has done in the past. It’s been just a little over 24 hours. Meanwhile I’m afraid to do anything to fix it and it’s holding up our marketing. Can anyone help me?

A little over 24 hours is not that long - @nicdark are a power elite and highly experienced and respected author - I’d be very surprised if they do not respond quickly

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Thanks @charlie4282 for the kind words, the average time for each of our responses is 17 hours. It may happen that the times get longer in some periods where we have many requests or due to the difficulty of the ticket.

Some users enter more than 10 points in each ticket, obviously these tickets cannot be answered quickly.

In any case, the waiting time never exceeds 2 working days, there are only a few exceptional cases.


Thank you~ I got your email. Am I supposed to delete the old plugins’ files from the ftp before i install the new plugin and activate it? @charlie4282 @nicdark