Theme installation error message

Hello, I purchased the HealthFlex theme and I’m trying to install but I’m getting an error 403 “forbidden” message


Please check this helpful Theme Installation guide article:


I followed ALL directions (downloaded “Installable WordPress file only”. ) But when I install, I get the error 403 FORBIDDEN message.

I uploaded with filezilla. But still, when I try to install the healthflex -child theme, I get this error message - “The parent theme could not be found. You will need to install the parent theme, healthflex, before you can use this child theme.”

Kindly advise how to proceed or request a refund.

Thank you.

Presumably you have installed (and Perhaps activated) the parent theme?

you must have to install parent theme (healthflex) first then have to install child theme then you can active parent or child theme.

Also if you like you can get support from theme auhtor.

How to contact an author:


I thank everyone who’s made a contribution in trying to help me resolve the issue with the healthflex theme.
I’m still trying without success yet(?); I’ve seen tutorials, watched tons of video guides, followed all directions and instructions but it still isn’t installing.

I installed the wordpress app in winhost “successfully”. But the healthflex theme isn’t installing for me in wordpress. I used Filezilla to try and upload (FTP) but so many features, like the demo and healthflex-child not functioning/availabe. HELP, please?

why are you not asking support directly to the theme author! theme author most experts about their theme functionality.

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