theme I got in freebies as not activating

I got sohoPro wordpress theme in December 2019 freebies details of which is following:

Licensor’s Author Username: GT3themes
Licensee: The bearer Item
Title: Soho Pro - Photography Portfolio

I am trying to use the theme but it requires activation code and is not accepting FREE as activation code.
How can I activate it?

activation code (purchase code) for premium features as auto update, theme author support. as a free item you don’t need to register/activate theme license and the theme will work as default theme activation way. if you like to get auto update, theme author support etc then you can purchased theme license and you will get activation code (purchase code). Thanks

soho Pro theme requires activation when I try to make any change i.e. logo change, etc.

if the theme asked for license activation for theme settings change then better to not spend time for the free version and purchase the license of the theme or purchase any theme from themeforest which will come with license code (purchase code), autoupdate features and 6 months author support. Thanks

I also cannot change the logo. Why do you provide free themes if they then force you to buy? There is no sense, please do not provide “themes” that say “free” if in the end you have to buy. Thank you.

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