theme help

I have purchased Vigil - CCTV, Security WordPress Theme I thought when I purchased this theme it would come as exactly how the preview showed and then I could just edit the relevant information. I raised this query when I purchased it but haven’t had a response.

If anyone can explain to me what to do or who I need to contact that would be very helpful.

Many thanks

If it’s a WP theme then it won’t look like the demo until you install demo content - check the documentation with the theme as this will almost certainly be covered there

I am very inexperienced with website building its a wordpress theme by these guys?

In your downloads (assuming you are logged in) then click the download button and choose the “all files and documentation” option

In that documentation will be instructions on how to add demo content.

Bear in mind that images are probably not included

It just gives you the option of downloading an installable wordpress file which is the option I had to choose. If you choose the all files and documentation then the theme wouldn’t upload at all. I have been clicking through the different folders on the files I have downloaded and can’t see any instructions.

I have found it now