Theme Hard Rejected Without Message - Feedback needed


I’ve created brand new WordPress theme and it hard rejected about a week ago. Biggest change what I made after rejection is a lot better preview/demo site (link below). I’ve no idea can the theme reviewers hard reject the theme if preview site lacking. By lacking I mean, I did not show page/home samples or anything, only the demos which user is able to import, because I thought that the clean and well designed code is the most important part but I guess is not.

This is my first item that I try to upload. You can find the demo page below + the demos which the user is able to import within one click.

Demo site: - the right “sidebar” which holds all theme demos have nothing to do with the product. It’s just a feature in my preview site to help the users view demos easier.

I was wondering that should I add more demo content(s) in my demo site? Let me know what you think.

The main reason why I start designing and developing the theme at the first place, is that I wanted to help out businesses and marketers to bring their ideas into life (as a website) the most easiest way. Pretty much everything what you see in the demo site is editable and the user is able to build and design all kind of websites.

This is the first version of the theme. I’ve a lot of feature ideas in my mind but at the first, I need to publish the product.

One last note, in the demo site is a few info message boxes about why the buttons do not work yet. I added those, because I’ve used that preview site as my portfolio when I’ve worked as a freelancer.

Let me know your thoughts what I should do before I try to upload the product once more.
Thank you!

Paddings, margins, typography, colors … It’s not about to few features, it’s about design.

Your biggest issue by a long way is the design fundamentals- there are a lot of issues with the basics in typography, spacing, alignment, hierarchy etc.

Adding more content is not going to help until these issues are addressed.

on top of this there are issues with attention to detail e.g. demo thumbnails are very stretched

footer needs improvement

the buttons at the top of about us page really don’t work

generally the design could do with modernizing and refining

bunch of minor but still avoidable validation issues

Thank you for your reply. All of those things what you mentioned I can edit with a click. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I should invest more time for designing the demo site? So basically my product is not the problem, but the way how I “present” it?

Also, can you please tell me with a bit more detailed info why my spacing/alignment/hierarchy lacking? Honestly, I can’t see it by myself.

Btw, the reviewers have not seen this demo site yet. When reviewers rejected my product I had completely different demo site, but I guess that’s does not make any difference.

Thank you

As it is it is not up to the standard for here. As @Wordica also said the issue is design. You don’t need a huge pile of options and features if the quality is there.

I would definitely focus on:

  1. sorting out the design basics

  2. focus on finding unique features and make it more stand out.

Right now I don’t see anything that the endless multi-purpose themes and many corporate style ones could not deliver and, with respect, designed and executed better

Again with respect if you can;t see the issues with typography, spacing and design then perhaps creating files for here is not the right choice for you at this stage.

Without going into detail and just on the home page:

  • headings and titles are all different fonts, styling and spacing

  • padding top/bottom of each section is not consistent

  • left/right padding is different section to section and far too narrow in some

  • footer spacing is all wrong

Thank you for your time. I’ve made way too fast the demo site and I haven’t paid any attention to design details. Now that you said those few things on my home page I can clearly see what you’re talking about.

And what comes to typography etc. I was too focused on all the options what I give to the users than the demo site’s design. Next I’ll make sure that every single detail follows design best practices and all spacing is consistent, rather than upload pre defined templates into demo site and does not edit them to suit to the rest of the site.

Thank you again for your time, this helped me a lot.