Theme hard rejected - plz help

Hi guys,
Our theme was rejected, we need some feedback plz :

please help :slight_smile:

please help :frowning:

any help please :frowning:

please any advices !!

what we can add to theme to look better ??

Typography. Especially space, text needs more space, e.g headline Glasses, it is too close to carousel below, line around it is somehow outdated, look at other new themes how much white space they have… and that is not only spot with wrong space, e.g. slider, space is not even consistent on boxed and full width versions, slider text is wrong in terms of space, really everything about text should be improved. Box shadows are outdated…


It seems that you have some problems with spacing, typography and some images resize… If you work on Google Chrome, press F12 and check the website on some devices. You can even try on them all existing in that dropdown (you know, that phone icon in developer window…).
Also, your theme is… too simple. Nice but too simple. Find a better arrangement and a nice design, not too complexe but not that simple.


thank you so much bro :slight_smile:
where we should add more space and where less space ??

thank you bro :slight_smile:
the theme is responsive and work fine on all devices,
we will try to ameliorate the design.

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Good luck! :smiley:

Thank you :wink:

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Hi rg-theme! Well, no one will tell you that. No one will show you where to add or remove space or what to change with typography or color scheme. No one can do that for another’s man’s design work. It would be like guiding a painter - here, do this or do that and your painting will be better. You have a design idea, a concept, your own style. If it’s “not good enough” for this marketplace, that just means you have to train more, design more, create more and come back in some time.

Your theme is not mature yet, the design is not harmonious. There are many issues with spacing and typography, but I can’t tell you what exactly and what to change, it’s impossible. There is some working on your skills before you.

I’m telling you this because this was my journey exactly, having themes hard-rejected and wondering - what is going on? Asking around forums. When I look back on those design, oh my gosh… just bad. I see it now. I took many months, trying again and again and perfecting my skills, which I still do.

I wish you good luck in your journey!