Theme hard rejected, any explanation?

Hello everyone,

I got my theme hard rejected, but I was following clean code practices and overall best code practices (made it responsive, comments, documentations). This is second time now. I want to make something bit simpler to see how it’s going with sales and to test Envato market but so far I’m only getting negative experience. Did I forgot to include something or what is explanation?

Have you got a working/coded demo?

No, but I submitted preview images for desktop, tablet and mobile.

So it is just a PSD design?

No, it’s web template for landing page in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JS.

Then you need to submit a working version, documentation, and all else that is needed

If you only submit preview images, it probably wouldn’t get reviewed in full.

For what it’s worth the design itself is too basic as it is.

I submit all as they describe, I only don’t have live working demo to see. My plan IS to make something basic, to test Envato market and how it’s functioning and then to decide if I will spend more time on it, but so far it’s only negative experience.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.

If you want to submit here then you need to submit something that offers distinct premium quality and value, and to submit that with the demo etc. 'Something basic" won’t even get approved let alone sell well.

Success takes time and commitment

I understand, but I don’t think that it’s smart that you go ALL IN with your time and effort in untested things (untested by you) when you have other options as well. Template IS basic, but it’s not basic in sense that it took little time and effort and I think you can sell it well for people who look for minimalist things.

I don’t mean to disrespect or to argue, just want to find reasons for HARD rejection…

It’s totally up to you if you can/want to invest the time.

Envato are successful because they control (more than other marketplaces) the quality and quantity for sale hence why basic or rushed items don’t make it through.

It’s a reasonable requirement to join the biggest and most active marketplace and while you are right there are other options but none that come close to comparing to Envato in terms of size, potential, etc.

If you are submitting this as an HTML template and just sending jpg then it is probably not even being reviewed at all and hence the auto hard rejection.

Beyond that, with respect, there are numerous freebie templates online that offer similar designs/features, etc.

You have got to bring premium features, functionality, versatility that warrant someone wanting to pay for it.

There will be people looking for minimal design - that is no excuse for not having many more original elements and features included that they can choose from OR applying an original design to the look and feel