Theme GRECKO - Update or purchase new?

Hi guys
I’m kind of confused… Is this the right place to ask questions?
On two of our websites we use the Theme GRECKO in WP5.0.
The ISP urgently asks us to switch to a new version of .php. Unfortunately or GRECKOs don’t like that at all. They are from 2014…
Are there updates for GRECKO available (where?) or do we have to buy new?
Cheers from Sydney


You can download your purchase theme update version from here
take a look on there for update version your purchase theme.

Or you can contact with your item author at here as a comments


When did you last update the theme? Item says it’s WP5 friendly and there was an update in September last year

It can work on Wordpress 5.0… but have problems with new versions of PHP. 80% of all hostings are using default versions of PHP 5.4 or 5.6.

As I can see before 1 year they have problems with PHP 7.1. Maybe they have fixed. It is the best to contact template support.

Thank you very much for your very quick replies! I’m impressed.
So according to >unlockdesign< I treid to download the theme one more time. What I get is version 3.3 - which is about three years old now.
And yes, it is correct, that there was an update in September 2018. That is exactly what I need. But where can I get it? The version we use at the moment is Grecko 2.6.
Regards from Sydney


So, when you will download from your account download page then you should to get the latest version 4.4. please double check.