Theme got rejected

My html template got rejected.Please give me screenshot where i should make changes.
Here is my LINK

@JeriTeam Please sir help me

Hi, you design is good but need improvements typography, padding & margin, and not same spacing top and bottom.

If hard rejected you don’t can change and resubmit.
If soft rejected you can change and resubmit.


Can you please sir ive me screenshot ?
I dont understand “padding & margin, and not same spacing top and bottom.” ?

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You need padding 30px top, bottom, right and left, screenshots:

Spacing not same to size 100px top and bottom, screenshots:

Thats all ? anything else ? @JeriTeam

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Yes, Thats all.

But need improvements typography, screenshots:
(for example you use other typography, font.weight: 300, line-height: 1.8em, etc)

Its very slow for some reason?

what kind of reason ? @goofydadog

I dont know!

However I waited around 8 seconds for each page to load and I am using a commercial-grade fibre optic internet line.

Good Luck