THEME frustration

I am getting so frustrated. I have spent hours trying to get JUST my home page and site set up and no matter what theme I choose, I can’t seem to get what I want, which isn’t difficult. I’ve come across two themes now, Vinci being the latest, where I can’t even figure out how to swap out their logo for mine.

In uDesign, my blog posts don’t show up on the blog page but I can swap out my logo. Of course, using Revolution slider seems to be for experts now too - haven’t used it in years and now I see why so that’s gone - no big deal.

I want a SIMPLE, INEXPENSIVE theme that EASILY allows me to change the logo to mine - I don’t think that’s asking much - enables me to have my own colors, control the font sizes so I don’t end up with giant text that’s in the 2020 theme and make a few nice looking pages. Is that so much to ask?