Theme Forrest templates not carefully checked on item details!


I notice all the time now that when I look in to a demo of a website template at Theme Forrest that is advertised as updated and created in 2020 the reality seems different. When looking in the source of the template I discover old scripts from 2015 that are never updated and even not supported scripts that are deprecated and need to be replaced by total renewed versions.

An example but there are thousands of examples I can show you:

This template is advertised as Last Update 19 March 20 | Created 2 March 2020

Now when I look in to the source of the demo I see a Bootstrap 4 version of almost 4 years ago,
OwlCarousel2 That is replaced for years now by Tiny Slider. This is probably a old Bootstrap 3 website
badly converted to Bootstrap 4.

The problem I have with this is that you can’t trust the information anymore and you have to check every single demo of a template to find out if the item details are really what they say they are! And most importantly the fact that when there are problems with the deprecated plugins your on your own. Finally when I purchase a 2020 designed template I expect the latest versions of the plugins etc. in the template otherwise the item details mean nothing anymore and can be manipulated in any way a author wants.

Envato get your act together! I’m a customer for more then 8 years!