Theme Forest

I hired a designer from Fiverr to do a website for me. Communication is very hard because his English wasn’t very good so long story short I have hired another designer who has found a bug in the theme I have. He asked me to get to go back to the Fiverr designer and ask him to transfer the licence of the woodmart theme to me, I asked this Fiverr designer for the licence and he said he can’t because its under his name. So my new designer explained how they work and to buy another theme of the same so I can have the licence under my name. So, I have just purchased this: 6 months support (expires on 24 Dec 2020)

My question to you is, could you upgrade this version onto my website without losing any of my data?.

Miria Henry

Can the new developer you hired not help you with this? (if not then, with respect, you might want to be cautious about their capability).

The process depends on what data is already in place - normally you could ask the author for their advice, but it sounds like the person from Fiverr was possibly repurposing a single license, which may make things more complicated.

Either way I’d start there and see how far you get