Theme Forest your item has been rejected

Hello All,
I have submitted an item UI design into Theme Forest But I got the message your item has been rejected.
anyone here please can help me how can I upload the item correctly within the requirements.

Note: I’m trying to upload a UIUX project (XD File)

Hi @Montaser_tomiza and welcome!

It sounds like it was likely a hard rejection, which is usually due to the overall quality/marketability of your item not quite reaching the standard that Themeforest has.

If you post some preview images of the item you submitted here on the forum, people like myself will be able to give you some feedback on what you could do to improve your work in the future.

Hello, I have the same problem. I refused. How can I solve for size 80 x 80 pixels?

Hi @A-S200, you should make your own tread showing your work so that others can leave feedback on that as well. As for the 80x80 px, that’s for the small square thumbnail that appears in your gallery, not the item preview.

Here is some of the screenshots of the source file

just resize the image using a image editor.