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How do I edit the Rev. Slider in a template to change the size? Is there a decent video for that?

Hi @woodbeast

Have you tried to reach out to author for support?

If you don’t have experience with development, you may want to check Envato Studio for freelancers who can do this for you.

Hello Thanks for your reply, I have not reached up to him/her?
Somewhere in WP there must be a way to edit slider settings like size etc.
Or move it up.

Thanks for helping

Hi @woodbeast You work with this theme?

Hi @woodbeast
If you need document real factory
If you need support center

Aleksey yes that is the theme. Thanks for your kind help. I am so used to Dreamweaver the WP stuff is all new to me. I know to regular WP people they love it but just changing simple slider dimensions has been a challenge to me.

You also do some great graphics etc I see.