Theme Forest Shandora and Child Theme issue


I have a WordPress site that uses Theme Forest, Shandora Theme for real estate. We have created a child them folder and that works with the main css “style.css” in the root of “wp/wp-content/themes/shandora-child”.

There is also the option of choosing a color for the theme but is does not use the child css for that. “green.css” in

Any idea on how I can get it to use the child green.css?. It is using the green.css from the main Shandora theme folder.


In the screen shot above the blank theme on the left is active. If I activate the one in the middle even though the pic in screen shot shows green when I activate it or hit live preview it is all blue. In the child theme folder only green.css exists and there is only one child theme folder. I am not sure why there are two choices in the editor and why the middle one shows green but actually uses blue. That has to be coming from the main Shandora folder and not the child folder. It says child but has to be using the main.


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