Theme Forest Newspaper 8 creating 23 copies of each imagefile


We have a problem with a website. Every time we upload an image, something (guessing the theme) makes 23 copies of it. Insted of eg. 10 000 image files, we now have 230 000. This has lead to our webhost kicking us out of (to many i-nodes).

Since we’re a magazine, we cant stop uploading images. Why does this happen? How does one shut it off? What problems might this lead to?

Very thankfull for any help.

WordPress it self create 4 additional images from uploaded image:

Why? Small images are loaded on small resolution (because of loading speed).

Of course if you upload some image in small resolution, some of images sizes may be not created.

But, probably your theme is using additional custom sizes of images (it is coded on that way). You can ask theme author how to disable this, to stop getting all this additional images if you don’t need those images.

Thanks for the help.

I’ve allredy looked into the 4-copies thing you linked above, but this aint the problem since we have many more copies.

Im trying to get in touch with ThemeForest, who created the theme, but i can’t find any info. Shouldnt they be on this forum?

You need to contact the author of theme (ThemeForest has not created theme - it is marketplace where authors are selling their own themes).

Probably you are using this item:

and here it is support:

Yeah, i saw that allredy, but they want 42 bucks for helping me out. Yikes.


You do not need to pay anything extra to get theme support. Please use the official support forum at or contact us via email at

Thank you!
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