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Salient or Boo Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
??? :thinking:
Reazon for speed and SEO.
Advice please, thanks…-

Generally all WP pages which are using page builder are slower then themes without page builder (in most case).

There is a post on forum where one customer says that he need to change 18 themes (18 domains) because the load speed is huge and his rank on Google is failing down after he has used Themes with page builder (I don’t know which one, and probably the page builder is not only reason for slow load). If I found the post, I will past here the link.

The point, if you are looking for ultra fast theme, then I will look for WP without page builder - that is just my suggestion.

If you are interested in one awesome one page php theme with admin panel, you can have a look here:
You’ll find a nice and very fast product for web.

Best regards.

At the end I was left with boo theme wordpress ^^