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I have a page builder based saas system. My customers creating their website based on it.

If I buy a site template with extended license, Can I use it?


if your customer website don’t charge any fee to get their website access then you can purchase regular license of any site template and can use for your customer website. if charge any fee to get their website/part of the website then will need extended license.

I’m going to buy an Extended license anyway.

My customers pay monthly subscription fees to pay for their websites.

I will do some editing, add / subtract on themes and integrate them into pagebuilder. Later, my customer who wants to use the theme creates the website with his own information.

just a short note for each of your customer have to purchase individual license.

is it ok to buy a single license for each customer for each theme they opt for on behalf of the customer?
is there any reseller/agency model that will allow buying bulk theme licenses at discounted rates?

Hi @umair975 ,

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each license will be valid for each end product (website). So, license validity not based on client/customer it based on end product. each end product (website/domain) require individual license.

In envato market there is no such reseller/agency model license.


thanks for the reply. Just to understand this better, On a multisite network with 50 websites. I have to buy 50 standard licenses for the same theme or 50 separate themes.

I understand that the sites has to be accessible for free and not behind a paywall. How about woocommerce stores where sites are accessible for free just the user have to login to complete the purchase from the stores. Standard license works?

Your 50 website will present 50 different things/business.profile. so, you have to purchase 50 license or 50 themes (can be same theme or different themes).

Regular license will be fine.

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perfect. Thanks a lot for quick response. One last question. Is is ok for us as agency to buy these licenses on behalf of the customers instead of asking the customers to buy? Technically the license is used only till the site is hosted and maintained by us and there is no transfer possible

yes you can do it as like a freelancer developer/company but better to purchase from the account who will maintain the site. because only purchaser account will get access for future download of the theme (update version) and support from the theme author.


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