Theme for Marketplace/ frelance market?

Want to build a community marketplace site, and looking for some tips on what theme might help get the job done.

Simply put, would like a freelancer type marketplace, where the payments are not only real money, but can also, or only represent the value created.
So when You finish a project for me, you get the 50$ but only in form of “societal value” rather than actual payment ( i.e some form of paper payment, without actual payment flows). So when project is completed the value/ payment just gets added to your profile, without actual paypal/ other flow needing to happen

This way users can still show up as having worked for 15 000$ total value etc.
(Potentially the market place will later progress to allowing paid-for jobs…) great

Ideally multiple candidates should be allowed to bid, and more than one could be chosen for job.
Looked at Hirebee, and func seems to be there, except( as far as I can see),

  1. cannot make the payments happen( as far as I know).
  2. cannot select multiple “freelancers” for job, must post multiple listings?
  3. a little heavy on the back and forth interaction, before project starts.

So wish list
-marketplace ( post items/ projects) for sale or as to-do
-users with profiles, categories, reviews, and some sort of “wallet” feature
-bidding for projects/ items
-ability to sell/ award to multiple users
-interaction after awarding item/ project
-review of users
-payments that can be manually completed

  • the sleeker and faster the interface for interacting the better.

Perhaps something similar could be realised with e-bay type marketplace, by turning model around. but allowing seller to sell multiple items( allow multiple people to participate in project)
would love to have access to “total sold value” and “total value purchased” if possible.
which would then give the same result as above.

Do you know a theme that is close, or does all or most of the stuff needed?
Appreciate any help and suggestions ,thanks in advance


Sorry just to be clear - people complete work and/or projects for hypothetical funds as opposed to being paid for real? i.e. effectively FREE short of a numerical value being applied to their profile.

I appreciate that this may evolve to true payment but am i missing something - why would someone work for free or ‘theoretical value’?

I see your point. Hopefully this will make it clearer, atleast somewhat;-)

the primary purpose isn’t the “projects”( or job projects), but rather the interaction in form of posted events and activities( come to my house and learn how to make gulasch, or I can take 5 people for a walk in the forest), and projects.

The projects will serve a purpose in filling a void in the participants lives.
For the sake of argument, consider them to be people with no realistic means of entering the ordinary workforce, without help, which is non-existant for along period. and that it’s related to a pan-european phenomenon, which has exploded last 6 months;-).
So the projects and interactions hope to create integration and future jobs, by increasing their network, interacting with others in “regular” life, and allowing them to practice their core skills( in projects), so they can start building reviews and point to projects they have taken part in.
most likely the whole service might end up hosted on a completely not for profit/ social good basis, and the “social value” will then be an attempt to show the actual value the "community " is providing, where some sort of value is also attributed to me learning how to make gulasch at your house.

Hope that makes it more clear.