Theme for HOA website help!

Hello! I have just recently taken over our HOA’s website which is using WP. It desperately needs a theme update. I’d like to keep the same info, but clean it up and make it easier to find things and have a cleaner look over all. I am overwhelmed by the themes when searching. Can someone help?

Here’s our current site:

I also need similar advice. I’ve got a client who needs to have their existing site redone, using the Wordpress platform. Along with an upgraded overall look and feel of the site, they’d like to have the following elements added:

-Member area secured by username and password

-Ability to set up a profile including a picture and also allow only certain information to be public (checkbox)

-Special areas for HOA forms both for the members to see as well a private area for the board to have executive information.

This request seems more like a job for RoR rather than WP, but perhaps there’s a WP theme that offers similar elements. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!