Theme for family community

Hello! Peace to everybody…
I need a theme for a platform aimed at a family group. On this platform, each member of the family should have their own blog, where they will post their stories, articles and publicize their services. The administration of each blog should be independent of the members. Thus, a member may not publish, edit, or delete content from another member. But all will be subordinate to the general administration of the platform. Then we will have a large, single-family community with hundreds of members.
The question is … Can anyone more experienced, please kindly indicate a theme that facilitates the creation of this family community?
Thanks in advance!
Elcineia Lannes:raising_hand_woman:

It depends on the necessary complexity of each blog but it sounds more like a buddy press type of theme would be right (again very dependent on the scale of each ‘blog’ as opposed to being like a social network).

If that is not right then you may need to custom compile a solution.

Either way it sounds like you are going to need to invest in some fairly robust hosting etc