Theme for digital journalism

I’m looking for a theme that is good for articles that contain words, photos, video and graphic elements. A modern look when scrolling, textframes over photos, smooth transitions and so on. If you look at the page linked under you’ll understand better. It’s in Norwegian, but it’s the look I’m after. Please tips me if you know.

Regards, Lars

Hello Lars,

First you will need to have quality server. As you can see on this site video is not working smoothly. You will have newspaper or some blog?

Hi, thanks for the reply! Don’t worry about the server, I’m asking about a theme that will look as good for stories as the one linked to.

You will hardly find out of box solution. You can make almost all what you want with Enfold template.
I have made 20 different sites with that template.

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Yes, Enfold is good and close, I use it myself!

Than you have solve your problem.

Well, I find the mobile solution on the link I shared to look much better and dynamic, so still searching, though I don’t expect to find it soon.
Best Wishes,