Theme for Artists and Craftsmen Community

Hi. I am asking for helping picking a theme. I wish to build a website that will showcase the work of artists and craftsmen in my town. Here is a 10,000-ft view of my requirements:

  • The Site Admin will create all User accounts.
  • The Site Admin will create, for the new user, an introductory Post which will contain 500 words or less and serve as an introduction.
  • The new user needs a Portfolio.
  • When an Artist logs in:
    *** He will be able to manage only his Posts. He may create multiple Posts.
    *** He will be able to manage only his Portfolio. He may create multiple Portfolio Items.
    *** He will be able to manage only his Post Categories and only his Portfolio Categories.
  • The home page should be able to present a filterable grid with all of the User accounts. The grid items should link to a personal page for that Artist.
  • The Artist’s personal page should link to his Portfolio and an index of his Posts.

Any suggestions will be welcome. Thank you.

You will hardly find out of box solution. You will need to use combination of template , plugins and some custom code.