Theme doesn't work and no response from envato platform

I have purchased [Alfena - SaaS Startup WordPress Theme by template_path]
the theme doesn’t work
the developer has asked for the username and password - which is not acceptable in the online world - so we have created a dummy webpage and gave him the credentials.

the developer has manipulated our WordPress host to make the damaged theme work

we still cannot install the theme on our main web host as the theme does not work.
we cannot change the theme on our dummy webpage as the host has been manipulated.
we are not sure if the developer has injected our host with any malware.

Envato platform has responded only once by saying it is normal to provide the username and password to the developer, -I wonder if they don’t have a problem with sharing their username and passwords with third parties before stating that it is normal - and they have never responded since then.
what can I do here?

what do you mean by developer? Do you mean theme Author?

The theme author has a very reputed portfolio in the Envato market. So, they will not do anything that will affect their reputation. If they ask for WordPress wp-admin access credentials I think they have asked credentials to configure the theme from their side to run on your website.

By the way if you find bugs in the theme and the theme odes not work then You can request a refund here.

Here is all the information about refunds:
Envato Market Refund Rules


Yes, I meant the Author.
I disagree with you, in the world of IT, no one trusts the reputation (unless if you do, that would be up to you).
It is not okay with us at least to share any credentials with a third party (I mean Author here)…

Why would I need to give access to anyone to make a theme work while I can install other themes and they just work fine? Why this theme in particular doesn’t work unless we surrender our credentials?

We have asked for a refund over a week ago but there is no response and there is no feedback or any tracking for our request.

How do I track the status of my refund request?

If your request was sent to the author, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking link.

It is important you keep this link as you may need it to raise a dispute.

The tracking link gives you access to the refund request, where you can:

  • Monitor the progress of your refund request,
  • Communicate privately with the author (meaning that this conversation will be visible to you, the author and Envato only),
  • Raise a dispute.

How do refunds work?