Theme directory name

Why does our theme directory name need to be exactly the same as the theme’s name? My theme was soft rejected and this was one of the issues. My theme’s name is “Core”, but I have the directory named “meta4core” to ensure the theme doesn’t run into any update conflicts with similarly named “core” themes in the WordPress directory.

I have a theme called “Apex”, that initially used the directory “apex”, but users were accidentally auto-updating to a theme with the same slug from the WP directory and jacking up their whole site. So, I do not want to run into that issue again, which is why I use meta4core as the directory and slug.

I’m not going to change my directory name to “core” for this same reason… It’s too simple of a name, and there may be a theme either now, or sometime in the future with the same name. I don’t want my user’s accidentally updating to the wrong theme and messing up their sites… I also would rather not call my theme “Meta4Core”, I would like it to be called “Core”.