Theme did not work (bugs, site became slow, errors etc.!!) Like a refund


Unfortunately after more than 2 weeks of trying to install en get the Kleo theme working, I get too many errors, problems and bugs installing this theme. I’ve contacted them also (a lot) and tried everything to fix it all.
Once the bugs / conflicts seemed to have dissapeared, the website became extremely slow. I mean Extréme slow.
I changed the .htacces according to your advice, installed all plugins that had to improve the speed. Nothing worked.
After doing all your advised steps to improve this, the website stayed extremely slow. So slow I couldn’t even work normally.
It costed me $64,- and 2 weeks work to accomplish nothing. I can’t afford this at all.

Two weeks trying and getting nowhere. I even changed my webhosting! Speed improved slightly, just a little and didn’t really improve good.
Since I have a very low income and spended more than I could afford on this theme, I’d really like my money back. And yes, I did research before if this was the right theme. And I thought so. But you can never know before you actually try it after buying. Turns out it caused only problems.
It turns out I cannot use this theme at all, so i won’t. . I also will withdraw from their support off course .

I really cannot loose this $64,- and like to see you refund the amount.

Like to hear form you.

There’s details here on how to request a refund…


Actually, I haven’t seen such “extremely slow” themes on the marketplace. Every time I see experts like you who complains about loading speed. Guys, you buy cheap $2/mo hosting which is only good for HTML templates, upload 100 images, install 100 plugins and then ask about refund. It isn’t fair at all.


Excuse me, I did not try for 2 full weeks, just to 'complain’
It is not your place, to decide for me if this is fair or not.

Tried everything, followed up all their steps, advices and even changed hosting! Now with the old theme, my site is running fine again. I do NOT have cheap hosting and even better hosting now !

Who are you to judge what I’ve tried over 2 fulltime weeks to get things working.
When things do not work out after all for my clients, I give them a refund when I know they do not mean to rip me off, but just aren’t helped with my product. When people buy products and after a short period of trying it doesn’t work out, it is normal to return the product and get a refund. When it is a sweater, a tv or a template!

Closing this thread as it is not going to benefit anyone at this stage.

If you had issues with a file purchased then you need to get in touch with support following this link from @SpaceStockFootage who will review the situation.

As it is a featured file with a 5 star rating from several hundred reviews (that’s not to say you have not faced issues) it may be worth also including screenshots of communication with the support team to show what they recommended and what you have tried to rectify the situation.