Theme Details preview image


Please help me

Where i can update the Theme details image?

Like this

Thank you.

Hi @glorythemes! If you’re talking about extra images that you add to your item page, we do not host these images for you. You should host them yourself on your own server. You could also try a service like Google Drive, Dropbox, Droplr, or any other alternative. Just make sure the service you use is not temporary otherwise your links will obviously expire. Best of luck!

Hello @scottwills! Thanks for your quick response.

I will use my own server to save the that image. Where i can put the image link?


You’re very welcome!

Add the image links inside your item description, either when submitting your item, or when editing. Here’s a gif to explain further:



Thank you very much.

You providing a great support.

Thanks again :blush:

Now i am going to resubmit my first item

Here the link

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Hi, @scottwills

Another one help please.

May i put the content like below in Message to the Reviewer

  1. Item name and description modified.
  2. Animation Effects changed
  3. Blur image Changed to High Resolution image
  4. etc…

Hello again. :slight_smile: Yes, the message to the reviewer field can be used to explain what updates you’ve made and where you made them. Changes to the description don’t need to go through the review process btw. Just click Edit > Update Description > Save. :thumbsup:

###See Updating Portfolio Items for more info

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Thank you very much. :smile: