Theme deployment and development

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Im very new and not sure if this has been asked already so please be gentle if thats the case.

Im going to purchase a theme that will eventually replace the existing wordpress theme that Ive inherited.

Part 1) Can I develop purchased themeforest theme without deploying it to the live site now?

Part 2) When I am ready to deploy it, how hard is it to swap themes?

Thanks in advance.

  • You can develop the theme and deploy it later.
  • Depends on your skills and the theme difference
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So I just purchased the corporate_one theme.

Keeping in mind this is my first time ever handling website development and Id like to begin doing this myself rather than outsourcing, I dont see a “development” page or program.

Is this just a theme that I would install into an existing theme?

Or is there a place that envato has that allows me to develop the site and its details before deploying?

I appreciate the feedback.

You have one license to use the theme. You can deploy a development site, perform your changes and transfer it to the main ( live ) site and remove the development. If you’d need to keep the development site as well, you may need to purchase another copy and that’d be all

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It’s a WordPress theme, so you will need your own WordPress blog to install it on. If you don’t already have a blog, there are thousands of fairly cheap hosting providers for it. Give it a Google! :slight_smile:


So I technically cant develop it in anything envato has?

Id have to develop it in my existing wordpress site then deploy when Im ready if I follow?

And thank you.

Right, you can also set up a local server on your computer to test it out. There are plenty of YouTube videos, look up something among the lines of “Install WordPress locally on [your operating system]” - it’s usually a fairly easy install.

Thank you so much.

Last question, when Im done developing the site and like the look and feel, is it as easy as saving the wordpress file and uploading it to my site?

See this Tuts+ Article on how to transfer from development to production:


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So Ive set up a local server and got wordpress running. Im trying to upload the ronneby theme and I keep getting a message that is asking me if I am sure I want to do this with no option to select “yes” or “no” but only to “try again”

Any insight is appreciated.

The problem is that the theme .zip size exceeds PHP’s max file size limit.

The easiest way to get around this is to install the theme manually. Simply take the .zip file you’re uploading, but instead of uploading it, extract it into the wp-content/themes/ folder of WordPress. Then refresh the admin panel and activate the theme.

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I found it. Thank you so much!!