Theme Demo Upload

I cannot get the Theme Demo to upload, The gears keep on spinning for hours and then timeout.
*RoofX by @ThemeDox- I’ve ensured that I have the correct version Wordpress/PHP limit variables confirmed/Installed and activated the theme and all plugins etc with this theme. I’ve also deactivated all plugins besides “Theme Core” and “One Click Theme Upload” or whatnot and am still stuck with spinning gears for an hour or more on the theme Demo Uplaod. I’ve messaged the support page for ThemeDox and havent heard back. Any help is appreciated in advance!

You will need to get the support from the theme author but assuming (knowing) it’s related to the server, you should contact your host for the issue and possible solution.

I tried. We maxed out the Memory and all required Theme PHP settings and still nothing. Thinking this is made only for lower versions of Wordpress but we’ll see tomorrow. The theme co is emailing me supposedly then.

Still no response after hearing from them yesterday with “It’s 1 am here I’ll message tomorrow.” Ive got deadlines and need this handled. So far…1 star

Is this a fresh install?

Yes-Purchased 2 days ago.

The installation is not covered by the support. You may not get a proper answer but if you’re considering for Installation service ( as it sounds an urgent work ) I can offer some paid support. In case of interest, you can contact me.


Importing demo content is a great way to give you a head start and allowing you to begin creating your own site with ease and guidance. Demo sites look great, but importing everything means you will get things that you don’t want.
I’m sure the author will help you. Or @ki-themes can offer paid for support