Theme copy.


I just want to ask you because maybe i’m overreacted.
On left my theme on right other theme recently added to themeforest:


What do you think? I’m just asking.


What’s more, some colors have almost the same HEX code.


If you feel that your work has been copied feel free to contact the support team here:

From my site the right one has the feeling of your theme, but if you know your item you should compare the source codes.


Is it HTML or PSD?


Both OpenCart themes. And we are talking about design only.


This isn’t what I call a ‘inspired by’, it’s pretty obvious that your design has been copied. You can take action by sending a DCMA to Envato and they may take it down.


I disagree with your points. Because only common thing I see is the color. May be the other Author is cleaver and aware about copyright so he made visible and noticeable changes in his template i.e.:

  • Latest product section you have only one tab with product slider [bottom arrows] but the other template they have two tabs: Most Viewed and Random and here bottom arrow is missing means no more product slider here.
  • 3 column category its common in all ecommerce template and here we can see difference between the designs. Your all columns are attached where as the other design they have followed the grid system with 30px gap in between.
  • Two promo banner is some what similar but this is a common layout in all ecommerce template so you cannot say its your copyrighted layout :slight_smile:

Above are just my personal thoughts.


You need to check the source codes (HTML/CSS) if it’s also similar, then you could take an action.


Come one mate. So you are saying that it’s ok to copy paste a colour, transform one tab into a 2cols tab, calling a 3 cols category ‘common in ecommerce’ and going for exactly the same niche. You’re even talking bs about a gutter of 30px and the other ‘designer’ is ‘clever’? Just check the overall structure / design elements, it speaks for itself. Your statement simply doesn’t tackle the fact that this is copyright infringement. A real designer needs only 3 secs to scan these 2 designs an he can tell you immediately if it’s a copy or it an ‘inspired by’. You simply can’t call this an ‘inspired by’, especially if it was your design copied this way. But with the overall quality on this marketplace nowadays your comment doesn’t surprise me.

You can call yourself a true designer tiquet, it looks very clean and pro. Don’t let you fool yourself, the other ‘designer’ simply copied and transformed it, but it’s to similar to call this an ‘inspired by’. This design still has your signature of quality design.


We are not talking about the code. Just design.


Thank you for your detailed opinion.

I really do not want to blacken the author of this second project based only on my opinion. That’s why i asked here. Good to know I’m not the only person who thinks like some borderland has been exceeded.

Of course first i asked author about it and answer was: Your theme is a great design. Good luck wish sales! Now have many design same header and layout. - for me it’s like… “i don’t care”


You should protect your work at all time. My advise to you, ask the other author respectfully to remove his ‘replica’ of your work, if he don’t want to remove it or doesn’t reply, i wouldn’t go into further discussion and sent him a claim, immediately.