Theme comparisons


I am looking for a theme that allows multiple accounts of different types, by subscription (ecommerce) plus a directory listing for both types of accounts, then lastly a general purpose user who would login, it would recognize their location and find relevant information from the two different subscription accounts.

Requirements - database, ecommerce, directory and mapping

Hey there, have you tried searching for your requirement keywords on ThemeForest? There are quite a few that seem to match your request. Cheers.

I have, there were a couple that stood out, but until I purchase, set up and try them ALL out how would i know which one is the right one and does what I need. Hoping someone could narrow the field a little or make some recommendations.

i looked closely at javospot, it seems like the closest to what I am looking for, but what the demo’s don’t show, or I don’t see, is as a user - I create an account – I’m either a free user, I can look at what’s listed, get detailed etc, as a paid subscriber, I can add to the listings, and I’m looking for two different types of listings, with multiple categories?

That question you must ask on the Item Comments section of that item and the author of the product will give you more information. Cheers!