Theme choice

Hi, excuse English. I’m building a business site, I have a logo and an idea to do it. I would need a theme where to put the logo (big enough) and put a background. Is there a simple and uncomplicated theme to do this?

Hi @davidealessandro1983,

Welcome to the forums! I’m not sure if there’s a theme with level of customization allowing you to put a custom bacground to menu, but I’m pretty sure most of themes will accept slightly bigger logo than the one from demo site.

Take a look at WordPress category, pick the theme you like the most and ask its’ author if such customizations are possible, you can use “Comments” available at the top of certain item page:



I have understood that you are an italian.

Vuoi una mano? :slight_smile:

Hi davidealessandro1983 ,

Did you find and choose your favorite theme?
We can help you. :slight_smile: