Theme Check - errors of theme code

We are receiving these errors while we check out theme using ThemeCheck. We never seen this before and not sure what they mean or how to solve them. Can anyone be so kind to tell us about these and some details on solution please:

Thanks alot

If you’re using Sublime text, from menu View > Line Ending convert all files to Unix or windows

Thanks for reply, we are using Notepad++ Do you know where I find this and how to change it in Notepad++ ?


In Notepad++: Edit > EOL Conversion > Windows Format or Unix

Got it. Thanks so much mate :slight_smile: Have a great weekend!

Any ideas about the 1st issue? its from TGM but could not find to resolve it.

just found this:

Old topic, however I cant get rid of the following:

WARNING: Both DOS and UNIX style line endings were found in the file style.css.
This causes a problem with SVN repositories and must be corrected
before the theme can be accepted. Please change the file to use only one
style of line endings.

I deleted everything from styles.css but it still keeps saying, I am using Notepad++. I have changed from “Edit -> EOL Conversion to Unix/OSX Format” but it still keeps saying. At the bottom of the status bar it shows “UNIX” but still the waning appears…

Any idea how can I get rid of that. thanks

  1. If you’re using Sublime text, from menu View > Line Ending convert all files to Unix or windows
  2. In notepad++ its under Edit >> EOL Conversion >> Windows Format

If you are using less/sass you need to have identical line endings in all files that get compiled to that style.css. Also, if I remember correctly, there was some bug with theme check where it will report this warning if you have space then tab before css/text on a single line.

Thanks guys, It was my mistake as I had another style.css in another sub-folder, and theme Check was not showing the folder name, so my guess was the main style.css file. But in fact it was referring to another style.css in sub-folder. It has been fixed. thanks