[Theme Authors] Rejection Question?


We are using the Option tree for our Theme Options.

  1. Do we need to change the Option Tree Translation Domain to our theme?
    2: There are lot’s of Translations didn’t escaped and shall we escape it manually?
    3: Some base64 etc functions are included do we need to escape?
    4: TGM class plugin has some text domain and also do we need to change? (We have changed it it’s few translations)
    5: Please make sure you properly prepare your data for $wpdb, check out the following presentation – http://envato.d.pr/10fDJ/6e9m78Al -> It said not found and in our theme Option Tree has used for this and We have no idea with this rejection issue.

Also there are lot’s of plugins out there and it has included TGM. So question is do we need to correct it? Or we need to contact the Github and create issue and wait for them pull or push???