Theme author refuses to make his theme compatible with WPML while they state it is


I bought this WP theme :

Theme features are : Fully translation ready, WPML compatible

However the theme is not compatible with WPML : it is based on Visual Composer with custom Visual Composer components that are not compatible with WPML

It’s been months that I ask to theme author when their theme will be compatible with WPML and they strictly refuse to do it

I work on this website for one year already and it’s too late to change theme

What to do ? How come people can sell themes on ThemeForest stating there is a feature and the feature is not available ?

By the way I dont find how to contact ThemeForest so I post here

Thanks in advance

Are you trying to translate front or back end? Are both a problem or only one?

Envato help

Both are problems, frontend and backend : this theme uses custom Visual Components made by YITH, and it’s not possible to translate any content using those components, they simply do not appear in translations


From what’s I see you are wrong. The theme is compatible with WPML and the author gave you the solution. If you can not use the author solution for various reasons you obviously can not ask that the author make the work for you for free in another way.

Also the author is correct when write that not all features of WPML can be supported everytime, there are 1000+ options plus combination and if 1-2 of them not work this not mean at all that a theme is not compatible with WPML and from what I can see all pages, menus, footer, post type and every else content of the theme is translatable with WPML so it’s fully compatible with the features provided by the theme.

Another thing is that the feature your require is a new WPML feature not available when the theme was released.

So if you need help with your site is not correct that you pretend that someone work for you for free.

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It seems you don’t understand what is it about, I do not ask anybody to
work for free, you make a mistake and you insult me

All the pages of this theme are made with "YITH Visual Composer components"
YITH Visual Composer elements are not compatible with WPML

Where I insulted you? :). You are asking to the author to work for you for free. Anyway I’m sorry if you get frustrated from my message, this is only my opinion. Anyway you can translate also the YITH components if you translate the full page like suggested by the author, in this way you will not have problems.

When somebody creates custom Visual Composer components, then build a theme
based on those components, and say that the theme is ready with WPML, they
need to make it compatible with WPML

I contacted WPML and they all agree that theme author should at least do
his job, and that I should not do it myself
It’s not about “asking somebody to work for free” as you keep to say, it’s
about compatibility issues, as theme authors will do what they need to do,
one day, when they will be in a good mood, and if I have done it too,
website will have problems with duplicated code

All websites made with ThemeForest templates have huge problems

The website i did with this theme you sell :

Look at the changelog : nothing, empty
Theme is full of bugs, less features than any free theme, and abandoned by

This theme :

When I read the support tickets, I understood this author will be a
nightmare and I canceled the project in time, I lost only 2000$ in this
project because of poor quality of ThemeForest but it could have been way
Redone from scratch with Divi and every body is happy now

ThemeForest agrees that a theme is compatible with WPML when it’s not and
tells me that “I ask free work” ??

Website I did 10 years ago with exotic CMS are still online today
Websites I coded from scratch are okay
Websites done with framework / Divi / Beaver Builder have no problem
100% of websites done with ThemeForest WP templates do not survive long and
need to thrown into the bin

If I need to make some custom site I use DIVi and I tell client.
Some templates you just cant customize how is client wanted. It is easier to take DIVI and code what you need than use template what clients wants.
There is good templates on Themeforest and also there is and nightmare from templates. I don’t know how they pass testers on Envato.

Every time before I buy I check all from that template response , is it up to date etc.
Did you try to other multi language plugins?
There is plenty free and they are very good for multi language site.


So I tried to do it myself as i really need to finish to create the pages of this website now

I followed all the documentation and arrived at this :
"Note* – When using a parent child theme the wpml-config.xml file of the parent theme will need to be renamed or deleted and the wpml-config.xml file of the child’s theme will be taken into affect."

This means that my customer will need to delete the wpml-config.xml file of the parent theme every time there is an update for the theme

There is no option in WPML to do this in child theme/by the user
I asked WPML and they told me the only way to get it work is to ask plugin/theme author to do their wpml-config.xml properly and that I should not / can not do it

What do you answer now ? Am i still asking somebody to work for free as I did the work myself - and it’s simply not possible for me to do it as it’s possible to be done only on the parent theme ?