the7 multiple licence support wanted....

Hi there i need help from support.

I just bye your application and noticed it a single licence for one domain .

I am a internet marketer and wanted to do landing pages, i currently run over 400 domains and
of course use them all.

All my websites and domains are mine, and personal, so i want to no how do i get to
use the7 theme on my domains.

my domains are mine not for sale all mine to use personal i need support , what can i do.

if i can only use this on one domain , i might aswell return immediately for a full refund?

Please help me!

If you have already downloaded the theme, firstly, you missed your refund chance. To use the theme on 400 domains, you’d need extended license which you could purchase for 1950$ ( click the arrow next to ‘regular license’ )

what $1950 forget it .

I want a full refund as the app is not supporting all my personal domains and that not braking no terms
and condition with this application, there no way i am going to give $1950 to just tick a box or add a domain to a database that insane…

I have not uploaded the files to my server , so i am not using the app or even tried so the app is not used but i did download it but not upload to a server yet…

i want a full refund , i will make a case with paypal if you want a fight don’t mind …

files have not been touched on my pc in a zip file…

can not be punished for that…

The website should clearly state on it sales page that the app is for one domain only and if the
files is downloaded there no refund.

That also should be on the email with the download link

Just an FYI:

  • If you dispute the purchase then your entire account (all items purchased) will be locked until it is resolved.

  • All this info is in the licenses we agree to when buying

You can still ask for a refund but the author and envato are not obliged to approve it given that it falls outside of T&Cs grounds for one.

deleted was read as wrongly added and sounded inapropate and sorry…

I’m sure you are aware that because you read the link my colleague @charlie4282 posted that blackmail is not tolerated and will result in your account termination, plus all your licenses locked and removed. I suggest requesting a refund from the author and explaining the situation, if they don’t agree to it, then you can use it for 1 domain. It’s as simple as that. There are clear terms when you create an account that you should have read. The author is not to blame for your mistake, so threatening him with false reviews due to a mistake done by yourself will surely have dire consequences for you.

Please make sure you read and abide by the terms and apply for a refund to the author. See what they decide. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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deleted message was wrong of me felt upset cheers , paypal is dealing with my case cheers…

fill punished getting a refund cheers

No worries. As my colleague previously said, your account will be disabled automatically while PayPal will handle the situation. Feel free to submit a ticket when that happens Via Envato Support. Cheers!


Please stop telling people that they can use themes on multiple sites if they buy an extended license. All Themeforest licenses are single use, whether it’s regular or extended.